Government Contracting Basics March 22, 2021, 6:00pm CDT March 22, 2021, 6:00pm CDT

Government Contracting Basics

How would you like to have the largest purchaser of goods and services as your customer? In this class, you will learn about Federal contracting, how to become a contractor/supplier, how certifications and contract set-asides can benefit you, the dos and don'ts of the procurement process, and the process prospecting for opportunities. There are many services available to you at no cost to assist you in this process. This class will give insight into the processes and requirements to become a Federal Government Contractor.

Topics Covered:

1. The Federal Government

a. World's largest buyer of goods and services

b. Spends billions of dollars a year

c. Paying Customer

2. How to Become a Government Contractor

3. Small Business Certifications and Set-Asides for those businesses

4. Understanding Acquisitions and the Bidding Process

5. Marketing Research & Prospecting


Student Takeaway:

1. What makes a responsible and reliable contractor; the government's expectations.

2. An understanding of the processes and steps required to become a Federal Government contractor.

3. Knowledge of the bid and proposal process works, the different types of acquisitions, and how certifications qualify you for set aside opportunities.

4. Defining your business and how to find out if the government needs what you are selling.

5. Finding major prime contractors for teaming or subcontracting opportunities.

6. Agencies and partnerships are available to assist you in your contracting pursuits.

Government Contracting Basics