Business Scans

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A St. Louis SCORE Business Scan is a team-based, in-depth analysis of an existing business to identify opportunities and make recommendations for improving bottom line performance.  The business scan process is designed to provide the business owner a picture of the business as viewed through the eyes of experienced counselors as they compare your management, operations, marketing, sales, and finances with like and similar businesses.
The business scan analysis is divided into five sections:  background, management, operations, marketing and finance.  Each section is designed to analyze the specific topical area and highlight issues and opportunities where further evaluation may be warranted.
The typical scan takes approximately 30 days from start to finish with a large percentage of that time taken by the SCORE team to pull together the appropriate information, analyze the available data, and identify key business issues and opportunities.
The results of the scan are presented in written format and discussed with the appropriate business team.   Additional phases that the SCORE team can assist with once the business scan has been completed include:
                   Action Planning Phase – Identification of specific actions to implement
                   Implementation Phase – Agreed upon actions are implemented
The SCORE Business Scan, Action Planning Phase, and Implementation Phase are all no-cost services for existing businesses.

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